Call for Abstracts

Interested participants are invited to submit abstracts on topics related to hereditary breast, ovarian, prostate and pancreatic cancer.

Submissions are welcome from all disciplines. Specific topic categories are listed below. Abstracts may be in English or French and must not exceed 300 words.

Abstracts may be submitted for Oral or Poster presentation.

All abstracts received by the submission deadline will be reviewed. Should a submission for oral presentation not be accepted as an oral, it will then automatically be considered for poster presentation.

Oral: An oral presentation describing a project or activity that falls within one of the topics listed below. Proffered paper oral presentations are limited to 10 minutes and presenters will participate with the invited faculty in a Question and discussion period at the end of the Session.

We are excited to announce that our posters this year will be much more than just 2D posters. With iPosters as our virtual poster platform, presenters will be able to present their research and make connections in ways that go way beyond the limitations of a paper poster.
•  iPosters are interactive, multimedia research presentations. Created online using easy-to-use, web-based templates, they can include unlimited scrollable text, images, videos, animations, slide shows, voice-over narrations, links to external sites, and more. This will allow attendees to browse posters in advance of the scheduled live poster sessions.
•  They will be made available to all registered attendees starting one week prior to the event. This will allow attendees to browse posters in advance of the scheduled live poster sessions.
•  Two live poster sessions are planned during the Symposium where presenters will be available at their posters in order to discuss their work through live chats and live video sessions.
•  Posters will be left up for another 30 days following the event, with a "Contact Author" button for those who would like to connect with you.

Abstracts that are not accepted for oral presentations will be automatically considered for poster presentation. Please do not resubmit your abstract.

  Deadline for Oral Abstract Submission:

  December 6, 2019 (CLOSED)

  Deadline for Poster Abstract Submission (2nd call):

  March 12, 2021

  Deadline for Revisions to Abstracts Accepted for 2020:

  March 12, 2021

Publication of Abstracts

All accepted abstracts will be published in the Symposium Book of Abstracts, and most will also be published in Familial Cancer (Springer).

The journal concentrates on clinical cancer genetics. Most major areas in the field are included, such as epidemiology of familial cancer, molecular analysis and diagnosis, clinical expression, treatment and prevention, counseling and the health economics of familial cancer.

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of clinical cancer genetics most papers are currently being published in a wide variety of journals on epidemiology, oncology and genetics. Familial Cancer provides a forum bringing these topics together, focusing on the interests and needs of the clinician.

For more information:

Participants’ Choice Poster Award (New)

This year participants will have the chance to vote for their favourite outstanding poster.

Encore Abstracts

The Symposium will accept "Encore" abstracts. However, these will not be published.

"Trials in Progress" Abstracts

The Symposium will accept "Trials in progress" abstracts. However, if submitting for an Oral presentation, there must be data.

How to Submit a Revision to a Previously Accepted Abstract:

On February 24, 2021, you will receive an email with instructions on how to submit a revision to your abstract.

How to Submit a New Poster Abstract:

Please click on the link supplied below for the Online Abstract Submission Form. You will need to sign up to our submission system by supplying your email address and a password. There is no paper version of this form. Abstracts not prepared correctly will NOT be considered.

If you have more than 15 authors:

The online form accepts only 15 authors. If there are more, please put 14 authors in the form,
then in the author 15 box, put the words "Rest of authors will be sent in an uploaded file".
Section 8 allows you to upload a word document of your abstract.
Do so and include all the authors, using the format

institution 1 : name
institution 2 : name

firstname lastname institution#
firstname lastname institution#

Abstract categories include:

  • Biology of hereditary cancers
  • BRCA1/2 mutations, variants of unknown clinical significance and databases
  • Clinical issues for management
  • Education
  • Ethics and legal issues
  • Genome-wide approaches to identify new genetic risk factors
  • Molecular pathology and genetic analyses of BRCA1/2-associated cancers
  • Non-BRCA1/2 genetic factors associated with cancer risk
  • Psycho-oncology
  • Risk assessment and genetic counselling issues